Why take a hot water risk assessment? !
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The scalds and burns are painful and can vary from minor swelling to major life-threatening injuries where a large region of skin is affected. Normally in adult social care units, there have been a large number of tragic cases where the service users have died from such injuries. Care home managers must ensure that their staff values the severe dangers of scalds and burns to examine the users and take the necessary precautions. A water risk assessment is useful

Risk of burn injuries

Normally the serious injuries are caused due to the contact with hot radiators or pipes. The temperature of the radiator should be measured regularly. Always make sure that you not place any kind of furniture near the hot radiators. It is also one of the useful ways of preventing some serious injury.

In case of hot water risk assessment or legionnaire’s disease risk assessment, if the water which is used for showering or bathing is more than 44 °C, then there is an increased risk of fatality and serious injuries. In case of hot surfaces, if the temperature of the surface is more than 43 °C, then it can also cause serious damage. The injuries which occurs from surface normally happen when there are low levels of supervisions e.g. in bathroom, bedroom etc.

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